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A. Paul. Ing
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Default Crankshaft ...........It has to be TYNK and Ron the fudge packer!

sniff sniff sniff....does this mean you will not suck my cock anymore
TYNK? I guess I am stuck wth your momma sucking it them! I have to say
though your one great little old cock sucker just the same!

On Tue, 12 Jun 2007 22:14:11 -0700, Tynk wrote:

On Jun 12, 5:11?pm, A. Paul. Ing

Ah, a new name for Roy all!
Add this one your filters.
I see he's added even more groups to his cross posting nonesense. You
are getting desperate and it's showing.
You just can't get enough attention, can you Roy.
You are completely obsessed with me. You can't go for 5 minutes
without posting about me, or whining about somebody over at the
moderated pond group. Ya know, come to think of are now
claiming I'm a chick with a dick, yet you are obsessed with me and
talk about me every chance you get.
So that all boils down to you are hiding in the closet because you are
gay and attracted to transexuals.
I, however, am neither. Sorry sweetpea, but you'll have to find what
you're looking for some other place.
Try one of those many other weirdo groups you add on to your cross
post list (which by the way I have removed yet again).
We all know what your temper tantrums really boil down to.
Poor widdle Roy had his feelings hurt and now feels left out.
I bet he even stomps and kicks his feet when moaning and groaning
about it with every post.
Poor sack of meat has nothing to do with his life, so he sits in front
of a computer and tries so very hard for attention.
How pathetic.
You've repeated the same old used up rerun posts so often now, that
you are now a big bore.
Unlike you Roy, I have a real life. I don't need to behave like a
spoiled child who got left out.
You can't post on the moderated pond group or The freshwater aquarium
group and it burns you.
Well too bad. You couldn't follow the rules and didn't like the
consequences. = (
You really need to get over it already.
You're a big boy now Roy.
You were SLIGHTLY amusing at first, but now I find you to be too much
of a bore.

I forgot more about ponds and koi than I'll ever know!