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Christ where to start.
If my maths is correct, simply put my friend, you have over stocked your
tank, by a huge margin. Take most of your fish back to the shop before they
all die, or have a good tampura batter ready, because that's all they'll be
good for.

The 'rough' rule of thumb is 1 inch of fish per gallon, and you have about
4.5 gallons. Which is not even enough for your 5 tetras when fully grown. I
do not know about levels of nitrite and nitrate in mg/L, I just go by zero
tolerance. The others in this group will tell you better, but be prepared to
go home and do a water change immediately.

Without the exact fish types I cannot be sure, but
1) If the blue fish is a member of the goldfish family, it's a cold
waterfish, I would imagine it will live for a short while but will die of
stress as well. If not, a blue fish that swims slowly and likes to hide,
Discus maybe? does it have a deep body? If so get it out of there! You need
at least 20 gallons per fish with that one.
2) The sucker fish as you put it, have a nasty habit of becoming very big
very quick (depends on the type). Look up plecostomus pictures on the web it
will give you an idea.
3) Guppies you need to out number the males by females or the horny bugger
will stress her to death.

Have you read up much on aquariums? I would suggest maybe reading this site
at least half a dozen times. I'm not an expert by any stretch of the
imagination, but I'm experienced with the fish I keep, and I still read bits
of it every now and then.

I would seriously double check the info given to you by your LFS, they seem
a bit dubious to me.

OK get ready for more detailed responses than mine.


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