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actually, right on both counts. but quarantine needed to protect indoor fish.
I would do a salt dip first, in a couple days do a peroxide dip and a day later do PP
or QC every other day 3X. feed antibiotic food for a week to 10 days. coming in is
very stressful just having to turn around when swimming all the time. keep eagle eye
on fish. Ingrid

Donald Kerns wrote:


did you do the cleaning up when coming in from the pond?

My apologies. My assumption was the cleaning of the fish was to prevent
pond cooties from getting to the indoor fish. Instead it is to prevent
pond cooties from overcoming the fish in the new, less than natural
indoor environment.

Given that he's already in, what of the clean up still makes sense. (I'm
assuming that I'll need to sterilize the tank.) Fortunately I have a
couple more Penguin 170 biowheels in active use...

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