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Hi! I have a 55 gallon tank with probably 40 or so fancy guppies. Their
are around 13-18 males, the rest are females. I have given 50-70 fancy
guppies free to a lfs and pet country in this area, I gave them away
for free to help them out and to improve my karma, after all you
usually get what you pay for in life and when I was a kid I couldn't
take proper care of my fish because I was young and stupid and I didn't
have enough money to do so. Blue is my favorite color so I love my
fancy guppies as they have fluorescent blue coloring on their sides and
they have bright red/orange tales (the males at the very least). I am
currently trying to rid them of a minor parasitic infestation (just got
the med's today and it looks safe to use on my tank as it is safe for
tanks with fish and plants and let's hope the biological filter isn't
reduced by it) and it will be wonderful if I accomplish that easily. I
love my guppies - love yours so they live long and fruitful lives,