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Default Fish recommendations for stream - Part 2

Recap of last post:

100 foot long backyard stream, 5800 gph Sequence pump, Savio Skimmer, need
to know what type of fish to get that would do well in a shallow stream. It
is about 3-4 feet wide and 12 " deep at center only, shallow edges. Fairly
good current near the skimmer.


I went and picked up about 10 feeder goldfish and 10 "rosy minnows" that are
also used as feeders and set them loose. I also took some window screen and
lined the inside of the skimmer box so the fish would not make it to the
pump inlet. The rosy minnows have done fantastic - they are all over the
stream and love the moving water. The feeder goldfish are another story. By
the next morning all 10 wer not be found - opened the skimmer and Tada! all
10 were down in the skimmer box! Luckily the window screening prevented them
from getting to the pump inlet. Thought they might have learned their lesson
and released them back into the stream. Two hours later - all 10 back in the

Looks like the rosy minnows will be the winners. I plan on getting a whole
mess more of them soon. Goldfish will be relocated to the back ponds.

Thanks for everyones help.