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Default I saw them do IT

"wolfdogg" wrote in message ...
Pszemol wrote:
This morning I saw in the same spot an empty shrimp exoskeleton.
So as I expected, shrimp molted again that night and they had
fun again when I was not watching...

that was prety quick in between molts, i
havent seen my peppies molts laying around

Consider this a 1/2 period for the molt of each shrimp.
I assume that last night the other of them two molted.

They interchange their molting time and stay synchronised
this way for months - each one molts when other is not.
I am not sure how this synchronisation happen when there
are more than 2 shrimps in the area (like in the ocean)
but I have made notes for months couple years ago when
I was attempting breeding these shrimps in my fishtank.
Synchronisation was exact to a single day.