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Default Getting a 55 Gallon Tank NO ONE REALLY GIVES A ****

On Aug 25, 2:22*pm, "Nitesbane" wrote:
"Andy" wrote in message


I am buying a used 55 gallon Oceanic aquarium with cabinet stand and
hood for $75.00. *It's a deal I can't pass up. *The last time I saw
the tank, it was full of fish and my friend took it down and put it in
his garage.

It's been sitting in the garage for at least 6 years, going through
winters below freezing and summers in the 90s. *The tank has been
empty and just sitting there. *Is there anything I should be

You're going to want to make sure the seals on the glass are still good, and
definitely do a leak test before setting it up indoors. *Just take it
outside, fill it with water and see if it leaks. *While you're at it, make
sure the stand is in good order as well. *If the seals are no good, you can
re-seal it yourself but make sure you get silicone that is meant for
aquariums or "safe for food use".

There really is no one here that gives a **** about you getting a 55
gal; tank. NOw, are you getting any from your wife or girl friend,
that would draw more interest. For the most paret these fish groups
have gone to hell in a hand basket courtesy of TYNK aka Kelly and Gill
and the others who insisted on haiving their own moderated forums and
groups with closed membership to keep a certain person out.