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Default Getting a 55 Gallon Tank

"Andy" wrote in message
I am buying a used 55 gallon Oceanic aquarium with cabinet stand and
hood for $75.00. It's a deal I can't pass up. The last time I saw
the tank, it was full of fish and my friend took it down and put it in
his garage.

It's been sitting in the garage for at least 6 years, going through
winters below freezing and summers in the 90s. The tank has been
empty and just sitting there. Is there anything I should be

You're going to want to make sure the seals on the glass are still good, and
definitely do a leak test before setting it up indoors. Just take it
outside, fill it with water and see if it leaks. While you're at it, make
sure the stand is in good order as well. If the seals are no good, you can
re-seal it yourself but make sure you get silicone that is meant for
aquariums or "safe for food use".