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Default sodium bicarbonate = natrium bicarbonate???

I have just got mine from the flour mill shop in the Netherlands (it also says) natriumbicarbonaat - it is 2015 - so i guess the name natrium (for sodium) is still valid in many parts of the world

El miércoles, 24 de junio de 1998, 9:00:00 (UTC+2), Annette Vondra & Antoine Reniers escribió:
Hi group,

I was thinking of raising my ph just a tad by using sodium bicarbonate. In
the pharmacy they sold me natrium bicarbonate, saying that it is another
name for the same stuff. Is this true?
As you can understand, before I risk exposing my corals to it, I would like
to be absolutely sure....

TIA and happy reefing,

Annette Vondra


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