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Default (Koi-lo) - more vortex DE filter discussion...

"Daniel Morrow" wrote in message

Thanks for the notes - I also found them to be educational - it will be
interesting to see if the original poster does too. Good luck and later!

Well, I'm very glad to report that the OP has indeed finally had some
success.... :-D

My water is clear as a bell now - Thanx to a 3rd charge of DE powder...

only took about 2 - 3 hours to get it sparkling with the 3rd charge....

I'm still at a loss to explain why the 1st & 2nd charges (both filtering for
1 week each) didnt *fully* clear the water or clog the outlet flow to a
trickle... but all is well that ends well...

The 1st & 2nd charges did help ALOT, but the 3rd charge finally did the
'polishing' I was looking for.
Thanx all for ur input.