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Default (Koi-lo) - more vortex DE filter discussion...

"Richard Sexton" wrote in message
I'm about to do a 50% water change - and will then try a 3rd charge in
DE filter - maybe my water is just so filthy that 2 charges wasnt enough
get it crystal clear ? (although I would think the flow would all but stop
thru the filter rather than just miss all the super fine particles ?)

My notes; I've seen this too.

It takes my D1 no longer than 2 hours to make my 55s crystal clear with no
more than 1/2 cup to 3/4s cup (I'm not real accurate about measuring it) of
DE in the jar. I wonder if the OP is making sure the whole bag has a good
coating and there's no areas where water is bypassing the DE.
This is when the water is a mess from me using the gravel vac and then
stirring the gravel by hand to get as much mulm into the water column as
possible. And believe me with goldfish the gravel is still mucky even
after a vacc'ing. While the tank is still 1/2 empty, holding only around
25g of water, I turn the D1 on. Then I slowly start to refill the tank a
bucket at a time. By the time I move on to the next tank and have it
vacuumed and 1/2 empty the 1st tank is near crystal clear.

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