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Default (Koi-lo) - more vortex DE filter discussion...

"Steve Michie" wrote in message

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Inlet & outlet tubing - 4 foot long each.
Pump inlet/outlet sits 3 foot below top of tank

I don't understand this - 3' below top of tank? ????

yeah, from where the pump connects to the hose - ie. the base of the
vortex jar is 4 foot below the tank (sitting on the floor) and the pump
inlet & outlet is 1 foot higher. Therefore 3 foot below the top of the
tank. (pump is pushing thru a 3 foot head of water)

But it's also getting water pressure coming DOWN from the tank. That
shouldn't slow the flow. If you feel it matters sit the filter on a chair
or small table (cheap plastic ones at any Garden Center).

My intake & return *strainers* are both only about 2" below the
waterline.... maybe I should lengthen the intake strainer leg ? worth a

I can't see that that would matter. Mine came with the one on it now - I
just measured it, it's 10" long minus the strainer on the bottom, about 2"
long. I bought this one over 10 years ago. My husband and I can't remember
when exactly...... The only reasons I can see for a DE filter to fail has
been ruled out; not enough powder, not changed often enough, clay in the
water, hole in the bag etc.

Then when the DE gets discolored CHANGE IT.

Hmmm ok.

Don't let it run until the flow slows down.

Thats where it doesnt make sense to me either - the flow doesnt *seem* to
drop off as the DE gets discoloured... strange.

That sounds strange to me as well. As the bag on mine darkens with crud the
flow does indeed slow down.

Are you using mains or well water?


Is THAT crystal clear from your tap?

well, I would assume so because my fathers tank (next suburb - same water
supply) is SUPER CRYSTAL clear - he has got a cheap ass tiny HOT filter -
drives me nuts that his tank with minimal care & attention and super
low-tech filtration gets to a super clear state - arghhh !!!! hehehehe

OK, I think it's time you called the person or place where you bought this
DE filter and ask what they think. The other thing that I would do is a few
massive water changes. If that doesn't get rid of the "cloud" in the water
then REDO the who she-bang and start again. It will be worth the effort to
get gin-clear water.

The only thing I can think of that "might" be fine enough to get through a
good coating of DE would be a extremely fine "clay" soil, something you
don't have in this tank.

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