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Default Aquagiant: Anyone use this Petco?

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* Tynk [2007-10-11]:
On Oct 10, 10:38?pm, Steven Schneider
It was appalling how many unwell, dead, or half-eaten fish were
present. There was one tank that had a fuzzy lump of stuff with
spines comming out of it. The sign on the tank identified the
occupant as a Lion Fish.

Sadly, it's pretty typical of most chain pet stores.

:-\ Perhaps we should being doing more in our communities to
prevent these sorts of abuses? I could boycot Aquagiant, and
discourage people from shopping there, I suppose. However, if I'm
successful, and they go out of business and another store/chain
opens up elsewhere in the area, have I really helped? Should we (I,
I suppose) being doing something to help and educate the people who
own and run LFSs?

There's one LFS in this city that I know has a good reputation. I'm
willing to do all my shopping there exclusively, if that's what it

I'm sorry, but that experience really bothered me. There was a pet
store in West Edmonton Mall that had a LF section, I don't recall
the name anymore, with a fair number of dead fish. I never went
back to that store for _anything_ pet related! This was worse, the
dead Blue Tang I saw in Aquagiant would have made my three little
girls cry (the oldest is only five).

So what do I do. Simply boycot, educate, some combination, or
something else?

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