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Default Electric blanketweed

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wibble wrote:

Taking off the netting today I have just had a good look at my pond
after the winter - and was dismayed to see that blanket weed appears to
already have started to sprout , which considering the coldness I find
amazing. Last year I had a real job keeping it under control. I am sure
its been asked many times but how good are the electronic controllers
that claim to destabilize the blanket weed cells. Is there a market
leader that actually does what they claim to do.

Googled it and there is a ton of info. Seems the most effective
destabilizer of the weed is shade. Thinking your pond is perhaps
in direct sun?

Google it and see. I did not see any "remedy" per se other thant shade.
The upside of blanket weed is it produces a ton of oxygen.

BTW wibble - feel free to post in rec.ponds anytime and killfile
the idiots that we call toads that have been allowed to overun
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hth look forward to seeing you back with the toads in your killfile.
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