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Default is it white-spot, velvet or both?

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i added some new plants recently - not too long before the first fish
got ill - do you think that's it?

It sure sounds like it to me. I quarantine plants and treat them with
QuickCure or AquaSol.

Having read that ick and velvet only survive a few hours or a couple
of days at most without a host fish i had discounted that idea, the
LFS keeps aquarium plants in shallow water-filled trays which are
unheated, not sure if the lack of heat would kill the parasites or
simply slow down thier life cycle so they last longer.

It would slow the life cycle but they'd still need a host to survive. Are
there any fish at all in the trays?

which parasites could it be?

That I couldn't tell you.


(The upside down catfish is hanging in there with his yellow spots and
dusty areas, not gilling too fast and not listless at all.)

I hope you're treating them with something for parasites?!?!?! I like
QuickCure but it may not be safe for any loaches in your tank.

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