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rudedog wrote:

I go tuna fishing all the time. I go about 10-40 miles out
depending on the boat I use. I guess I'll be collecting sea water
every time I go out. I have several 5 gallon buckets. I'm only doing
FOWLR. Hmmmm, I just started cycling my tank. Can you tell me if I
used fresh ocean water for the entire 55 gallons, would I have to cycle
my tank??? Also how long will the water be good for since I can get
about 5 to 6 buckets only. That's about 3 water changes only. I guess
I better do some serious tuna fishing from now on. LOL. Thanks for
the input.


You will still have to cycle the tank, since you need the bacteria to
grow on your rock. One bad thing about using ocean water is if you do
not use it quickly there is a lot of plankton in it, which can die and
cause problems. If you can't use the water within 24 hours our so, you
will want to put it in a dark room with no circulation for a week or to,
and then filter out the stuff on the bottom of your buckets, or use a
really fine filter to run the water through to filter out all of the