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Itook 50% water and gravel from my main tank to start up the fry tank
so there should be no problem with it not being cycled.

The ammonia as checked was fine. I have been doing water swapping from
the main tank every few days. My main tank is fine and my fish are all
breeding happily. (hence the reason for the fry tank)

The only thing I didnt do was keep "momma" in the tank with them. I
stripped the fry and placed momma back in the main tank and the fry in
the fry tank. I understand this is probably not the best thing to do
because in the first few days of them swimming they still need to be
led to food etc. But right now they are free swimming about 1cm long
and actively searching for food. However is there any othner

Personally I think it is possibly because the filter suction was too
strong for the size of the tank and the fish were getting tired of
swimming against the current non-stop. (Correct me if im wrong)

I have placed a plastic washer in the pipe and this has dropped the
suction considerably so it is more of a slower suction rate now and
there isnt as much current.

Also another question????

My Electric blue mom is about to spit out her fry in the next day or
so. Should I now place her in the same fry tank even though I have
about 6 fry from the peacock left in there? or will she after apitting
out her own fry eat these other ones up?

thanks again for your help... lookinfg forward to the answers to these