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I had about 15 aulonocara fry that I stripped from the mother and
placed in a 21L tank. (I kept the mother in the main tank not the fry

The fry tank has a heater and a filter on it.
the water levels are all fine 26-27deg celcius 8.0pH nitrates and
ammonium is fine.

However my fry are dropping dead daily!

They seem to be eating ok.

One thing that may be of a concern to me is the flow rate of the filter
may be too strong and might be causing the fish to swim too much
against the force of the filter????? i dont know if i can slow the rate
down???? it doesnt seem to have any knobs or anything on it.

I am feeding the fry crushed veggie/spirulina flakes.

Any help would be appreciated.


Fry can be sensitive to water conditions. Make sure you're doing small
water changes every other day or so. I typically use a sponge filter in my
fry tanks. Usually with such small fish, a sponge filter is more than
sufficient. Cut back on the amount you're feeding. It's possible you're
feeding too much in that small tanks, small ammonia spikes and nitrite
spikes could be occuring from over feeding. When you set up the tank was it
cycled? Did you use water from the main tank? Did you keep momma in that
tank till you stripped her?