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Default 55 African Cichlid tank

Hi Jason,

I've had yellow labs for over a year and now have a tank full of 2-3" ones
that I've raised from parents that were both a bright yellow color. Now
that they've matured, it seems that only about 50% are bright yellow, the
rest are paler yellow and some have some black verticle stripes that are
more or less visible at different times. I also have one of the brown ones
that you describe(not really a solid brown, but with a brown cast to it).
It's actually a very healthy and attractive fish, but not at all like either
of the parents. Perhaps you have one with this type of coloration. It
didn't turn this color until it matured. By the way, I bought the parents at


"Jason" wrote in message
my wife and I have a 55 gallon african Cichlid tank we have a total of 10
cichlids and we were wondering what would cause a fish to discolor our
labidochromis caerulues (electric yellow) is now a brown color and we are
not sure why, he doesnt looked stressed we have had our water check on a
regular basis to see if maybe it was a ammonia problem the water checked
fine our PH lvls are good and we were just wondering what it could be, we
have 2 Pengiun 350's as our filters and a bunch of real rocks, any ideas
would be great as the only other people we have to ask is around here is
local petsmart (not saying anything bad ) but they are not the best of
advise for cichlids we went ahead and put ammo lock in there just to be
than sorry and we did a 15-20% water change as well