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Default Whisper Diatomagic filter

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Not to be a stickler, but Richard suggested the cheap alternative. I
don't think you can put a couple of teaspoons of lava rock in a Whisper DE
filter sleeve, and if you could, it wouldn't do what the DE does. I'm all
for using non-LFS stuff to save money, but if I suggest an incorrect
application, I sure hope someone here quickly corrects me.

Oh,... I didn't suggest he add lavarock to a DE filter. I was talking about
Aquaclears or other HOT filters with enough apace to stick some of these
porous rocks behind or on the filter material. DE filters are mainly water
polishers as far as I know and that would be useless.

I hope we're not getting too 'politically correct' to be able to make
corrections on each other's posts without worrying about someone taking
offence, but just in case, Koi-lo, no offence intended ). ok? ..and if
I make a mistake, feel free to go to town on me ;~).

You made no mistake. I didn't make myself clear.... my fault. :-)

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