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Default Whisper Diatomagic filter

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. ..
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For the filter you buy their lavarock for a fraction of the price the
Aquarium stores charge. ;-) I use it in my Aquaclears on top of the
sponges. Wonderful stuff to "seed" new tanks with.

The diatomaceous earth packets being replaced by diatom powder (ie: from
pool supplier, good idea) is a water polisher, and not comparable in
function to lavarock, pea gravel or river rocks. .. unless I'm
misunderstanding the post you are discussing something quite different,

Whoops! I wasn't clear on that so you misunderstood. I place the lavarock
on the sponges in my Aquaclears. All that goes in my DE filter is DE from
Home Depot.

and I'm sure you know what diatom powder is used for.


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