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Default Curing ick

I've had sucess with taking a fish and droping him into fresh water for 2 or
3 seconds. The different gravity pops the ick where the fish can be
re-introduced back into the tank. I havn't had any loss of stock by doing
this, you hvae to be careful not to leave ur fish in the freshwater too
long though.. they get stressed over it..
Good Luck
"Jbutterflie" wrote in message
For my ick I used Aquarium Salt by Jungle and let the temp. stay at
80, I used a small platic ziploc with a few holes and clamped it to
the side of the tank and let it slowly dissipate in the water. The
inverts and neons haven't seemed to mind and they're all doing fine
with the temp the way it is. I haven't had an outbreak yet.

"Gottcha" wrote in message

I recently had an ick outbreak in my tank and was wondering. If i add

ick do i need to take my activated carbon out of my filter? I was told

it will remove all medications from the water.