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Default Clown Loaches have Ich

NetMax wrote in message ...
Hmm, good point about de-chlor's detoxifying effect on copper. I used
Aquarisol today for a mild protozoan's infliction, but I think the tank
had not received Aqua-Plus for at least a week, so I might be ok.
Aquarisol, being copper based, might be a very good cheap choice for

Today was an average day at work. Aquarisol for Costas, Quick Cure for
Ich, Neomycin for dropsy, Ammo-lock on a cycling tank and lots of
de-chlor. It's a good thing I don't believe in using too much chemicals


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news:[email protected]_s02...
I've actually had better success treating loaches with aquarisol. I

turn the heater up as high as 90 degrees, clown loaches can thrive in

a bit of heat, and use two 1/2 doses of aquarisol per day until all the
spots are gone. Took about 5 days with my latest bout. I also add

about 1
tablespoon per 5 gallons of rock salt. After all spots are gone treat

1/2 strength every other day for a total of about 2 weeks. The only
concern is that you water treatment will neutralize the copper in the
aquarisol. As a result, I dechlorinate my water by aeration instead

doing a waterchange during treatment. All 4 of my clown loaches

this latest bout as well as the pl#co that started it all.

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"Paul" wrote in message
*sigh* I knew I should have stayed with cichlids!!

getting back to the office tank, the loaches have ich. I know how

it, I've read all about it on this group, I just want to know,

tetras, gouramis or catfish complicate things at all?

no, you need to treat the whole tank anyways. Half dose of Quick

1, 4 7, 10, with water change in between.


the stuff I got has malacite and formulin in it.. this is bad for my

filtration right? I am going to have to undergo a complete cycle


surely the good of the medication is negated by the re-cycling

process if
this is the case??

surely not?! surely!!!

the product I am using is called Aqua master rapid white spot remedy, active
ingredients 37 mg/L Formaldehyde and 0.32 mg/L Malachite green. I have
treated at half dose initially, then upped the anti 5 hours later with about
1/8 dose, and then again this morning with another 1/5 dose. The reason for
the top up is because the loaches seemed to have worsened over night, but
today seem to be doing ok. they have stopped scratching now, but the white
spots are yet to receed. hopefully will be ok. I will 50% water change
tomorrow and then retreat with a 5/8 dose of med.

on a happier note, I stripped my red zebra last night, I thought she was
holding only 1 or two fry, I was mainly stripping her so she could eat
again, she'd been holding for nearly 4 weeks. turns out, to my suprise, 10
little orange fry swam out of her mouth!! I'm pleased as punch. last lot of
fry I stripped from my two Eureka red females died from the tank being only
99% cycled (traces of nitrite 0.5ppm), these guys are in a basket in the
main tank, everything ok so far, I need to go buy some brine shrimp eggs now
to feed.

p.s. this will appear in the cichlid group as well :-)