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Default Clown Loaches have Ich

Paul wrote:
Rick wrote in message ...

"Paul" wrote in message

*sigh* I knew I should have stayed with cichlids!!

getting back to the office tank, the loaches have ich. I know how to


it, I've read all about it on this group, I just want to know, does


tetras, gouramis or catfish complicate things at all?

no, you need to treat the whole tank anyways. Half dose of Quick Qure, days
1, 4 7, 10, with water change in between.


the stuff I got has malacite and formulin in it.. this is bad for my bio
filtration right? I am going to have to undergo a complete cycle again?

surely the good of the medication is negated by the re-cycling process if
this is the case??

surely not?! surely!!!

You can always grab some gravel from another established tank to reseed.