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Default Betta and Neons not getting along

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I started with 4 neons and 1 male betta in a 5G tank. After about 2
months I noticed that only 3 neons were left. About a month later only
2 left. He seems more and more agressive towards them as he chases them
around the tank. It seems as if it is a food issue and he chases them
from where the are feeding on food at the bottom of the tank. I try to
feed him more, but he goes about looking for food and chasing the

Not only are 2 neons missing, I cannot find any remnants of them at
all. Is it possible that he ate the entire neon?

When you see aggressive behavior like that, it's time to remove either the
aggressor or the other fish to another tank. Even if the aggressive fish
doesn't eat the fish it's chasing the stress can finish the victims off in
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