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Default CO2 hoses : how long maximum?

On Wed, 30 Jul 2003 00:04:01 +0200, teizman wrote:

I m thinking about buying a CO2 (automatic) system with a classic CO2 bottle
from SERA.

Can I use very long hoses for the CO2 bottle ? (So I can put the Co2 bottle
in the cellar beneath the aquarium (thing this is more safer and more
discrete) With very long, I mean about 7 or 8 meters (=20ft or a slightly

Or will this cause some loss or something else?

I have my CO2 cylinder in the next room, with teh hose going through a
hole in teh wall. Due to layout of where I have things, it's about a
6 or 7m length of pipe from cylnder to where it's injected into the

The only issue really is adjustment of flow. The way I deal with that
is to have a bubble counter inline in the pipe near the cylinder, so I
can make flow adjustments and see the effect without walking to and
fro. Otherwise, no problems.

regards, Ian SMith
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