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Default is it white-spot, velvet or both?

I have learned my lessons - i thought i could slightly overstock if i
was careful, however it would seem that being careful does not include
using cold water, adding plants straight into the tank, and not
cleaning the gravel !

I am still rather suprised that 9 deaths (so far) from white spot and
velvet both together could be the result - in the past i have seen the
odd case of dropsy or something if the water peramiters went bad but
never quite such a load of fishywhoopass.

Another quote from the fish doctor:
Its therefore possible that whitespot has been ticking over in your
tank at imperceptively low levels for some time (possibly months).
Your fish may have developed immunity to whitespot, but if stressed
then some or all will lose that immunity and sustain a heavier
infection - which then become obvious to the fish-keeper. This is
often the cause of "mystery outbreaks" of whitespot.

kind of explains it i suppose, a bit of extra stress (the introduction
of vevlet on a plant?) and it all went wrong.