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Default Leak in stream? (long)

Before you remove all those stones! It strikes me as unlikely that that
small of stone would have caused a puncture.... what may have happened is
the added weight may have lowered an edge somewhere along the way. Try
looking for damp soil on the edge of the stream (this is what almost always
is the issue of my leaks). DK
"O3raledale" wrote in message
Hello all,
I'm posting today to ask for help and tips in locating a leak in what I

believe is in my stream. Here's the history,
I week ago I added some small river pebbles to my stream because I

thought the
bigger river rocks needed some fill to look right.Then on wednesday I

that the pond level had dropped about 3-4 inches in just a couple days.

good) BTW that's the only change that i've made to the pond/stream

in a couple months and all has been well since then for this Rec Pond

Yesterday morning I filled the pond again only to check it 12 hours later

saw a drop of about and inch and a half. anyway last night I turned off

pump for the filter/falls and figured I'd be able to tell in the morning
weather the leak was in the pond , filter or the hoses leading to the

This morning (12 hours later) when I went out to check on the situation I
noticed that the pond level was as left and the filter level was also the

The filter lines have a check valve at the beginning of there run so the

water pressure was pushing on them all night yet the filter level was

full. However the stream level was almost empty and it should hold a

inches when the filter is off. I haven't moved any rocks or any of the

liner recently so I don't think that the water would all of a sudden be
spilling over the liner. But, I do have a dog and I'm thinking that maybe

has stepped into the stream and his nails might have torn the stream

liner. So
later on today I'm planning on removing alot of the river rock from the

in search of a punchure in the liner. I'm posting here to ask if you think

I'm on the right track here or do you think that I may have overlooked
something? PS it's been raining here in Philly so all the ground is wet so

can't use that telltale to help me.
Thanks to all for any thought and/or tips you may be able to provide,
(freaking with the leaking)