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Default Dissapearance of water in pond

Hi jc
Liner is hard plastic though. Gonna try moving it back to where it was
before on shelf.
Thanks Maria.
jc wrote:
On 10 Aug 2006 11:06:23 -0700, wrote:

Hi. New to this site but i'm wondering if anybody can help me. Having
problems with pond pump emptying. Emptied pond and refilled last
Sunday. Restarted pump, no problems at first, then this morning
noticed pond was half empty. Have an Ecopower 2200 uv filter box and
titan pump. Was working fine before. Only thing different is i've put
pump to bottom of pond, was on one of shelves before. Cannot also see
were missing water has gone. Filter box seems to have filled to top,
approx 3ins but nothing else.
Please help, anyone.

Seems obvious to me. You have a hole in your liner. If you lifted
one edge of the liner, you'd probably find water right up to the
current level of the pond.