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Use a garder hose and put a 2-25+ gal units in your mini van. Use a garden
hose to siphon it into the container(hope the mini van is lower than the
tank!). Get to the new place and pump it back in( either by siphoning it
into 5 gal buckets or like I did with a big coy pond pump or such -900+gph).
Toss your fish in the buckets also.

"Petebert" wrote in message
Im moving 8 miles across town, whats the best way to move my 55 gallon

water fish? For a minute I thought about buying a 25 gallon trash can to
move as much of my current water as possible, then I remembered that Im

strong enough to lift that much! The fish tank move will be done in a back
of a mini van. Id have quite a few plastic bins, maybe fill those with
water? one containing the fish. The tank has 2 aussie rainbows, 5 giant
danios, 2 gouramis, 3 cory cats and 3 little algea eaters dont remember

name right now, oxy something or another.