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Default Shades of the Petswarehouse Lawsuit!

"Peter Gennaro" wrote in message ...
If I remember right the Petswarehouse guy was counter-sued and thoroughly
crushed out of business.

Chuck Gadd has a link to it on his website.

"Rex Grigg" wrote in message
You really have to watch what you say and make sure you don't give
opinions anymore. I received this nice email this evening. Just a
heads up for all of you.

I find it disturbing that Petwarehouse would even dare to attempt to
threaten a public forum like this. I have never used the product,
don't even know what it is-- but I do appreciate the time people take
to review other products.

Personally, I highly doubt Petswarehouse would be successful in such a
lawsuit. Bad PR also. The press would have such a field day with a
story like that.