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Default (Koi-lo) - more vortex DE filter discussion...

"Steve Michie" wrote in message

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If you just dump the power in the bottom and then let the water run in
and turn it on, it may not be coating the bag completely.

A fair point - but the method I used to charge was by adding the powder to
a jug immersed in the tank (alternate method in the manual) and letting
the vortex suck in the mixture - so the coating should have been nice &
even ??

Maybe this episode still belongs in the x-files... ;-)

P.S. I have removed the vortex and am hoping that my cloud algae doesnt
return anytime soon. (touch wood)

I'll post a sob story if it does - chuckle

OK,... sounds good to me. ;-) We'll be here to help if we can........

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