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Default Which substrate would be best?

In article .com,
No no, just get the ADA aqua soil amazonia
You do not need the rest of the stuff.

Add some mulm and a little ground peat and then dose the KNO3 etc to
the water column.
Powersand is for the folks that cannot add KNO3 for some reason(of
which I'm not sure).

There are nervous types everywhere. Like, here. it probbaly took
me ten years of reading about people adding potassium nitrate to
their fishtanks before I gave in and tried it. Anyway.

Woulnd't substrate sorta depend on what you're trying to grow? I'm tending
more towards stuff I can find locally to help trying to grow crypts
that grow in limestone beds. Peat doen't seem to help them very much
to put it mildly. So much for the "crypts like acid water" lie.

I found a nice vein of chocolate libestone gravel, sort of flaked
and a bit bigger than #2 bt smaller than pea gravel. In my
copious free time (hah) I'm going to set up a C. pontiderifolia
tank with this stuff. It seems to eat carbonates like candy.

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