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Default Which substrate would be best?

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I'm trying to choose a substrate for a 2 ft square planted tank. I'm
going to be using 55Watts of T5 compact lighting (21 " Daylight lamps)
and a RedSea Turbo CO2 Biosystem, along with an internal filter and
run-of-the-mill adjustable tank heater. The choices I've look at so
far are ADA 'Amazonia' Aqua Soil, Flourite and EcoComplete. The
trouble is I have no experience of planted aquaria and I'm finding it
difficult to make a choice. I would really value your thoughts and

Thanks in advance,


Expert advice:

I have small tanks (10 - 30 gallon long), most have
profile with gravel over, the 30 G has profile and
flourite mixed with gravel over. Plants do fine
but I have easy care plants like crypts, Java Fern,
elodea/anacharis, micro sword, something else
that grows above the water and sometimes gets
a small lavender flower.