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Is there anyone having experience that you used 50hz filter in 60 hz

I bought Eheim Pro3 2073 230V 50Hz in Germany and tried to operate in
220V 60Hz area.
Firstly it seemed to work well but after some minute, it made
irregular noise and didn't work well.
Do you guys have any experience and know any tip to resolve my

About all you can do is get a new filter that uses local power. It
will just burn up otherwise.

Thank you, The Share,

Do you have any experience or any technical background for your
answer? I already know that pump will rotate faster than 50hz
circumstance , make heat and have reduced life.
I found there are different Impeller size depending on Hz.
60Hz is having smaller size than 50Hz.
Can I use it by just replacing Impeller with one of 60Hz?

Thanks again,

Yeah, I know this is an old post but this group is dead!

Just get the 60Hz impellor, that should fix it.

I finally replaced the impella with one of 60 Hz Filter and fixed all of problems.
And I have been running 1 and half years without any problems.