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Default goldfish over winter

Hi Charlie,

I'm in the Channel Islands, only a little further south than you. I'm
playing it by ear as this is my first year of pond keeping. A couple of
weeks ago my fish (Goldfish and Golden Orfe) became reluctant to feed,
so I switched from feeding small amounts twice a day to a small amount
once a day, thinking they were slowing down for the winter. Since then
we've had some bright warm days and they have regained their appetite,
so I've gone back to twice a day, though less than I was feeding in
summer. By the end of October I think I will switch from goldfish
pellets to lightly cooked peas with the skins removed (The fish go mad
for them!) as I've heard it's not wise to feed too much protien as
winter approaches. Being something of a laxative to fish, peas are
supposed to help ensure they don't go into winter torpidity with a lot
of nasties in their gut.

As for icing, that shouldn't be a problem here. We very rarely get hard
frosts and ice hardly ever lasts for more than a day or two. My pond is
a metre deep and I'm not over-stocked so oxygen levels shouldn't be a
problem either.


[QOUTE]Charlie Brown wrote: I moved into this house a few months ago
and inherited a pond with about 20
goldfish in it. the pond is about 12" deep 20' long and 6' wide, it
quarter filled with lilies and other plants.
I do not have a clue of how to look after them properly, they are
lovely to
look at and I would be hurt if anything happened to them. I read that
should stop feeding them from November to April, is that correct? I am
busy dealing with urgent repairs that I have not got round to the fish
the place is so overgrown that I cannot even find the pump. Apart
finding more time, what is the best thing I can start with? I live in
south of England and we have very mild winters generally.