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Default Home made fish foods

Well I've found a few things but most of it mentions fish meat without
saying what sort of fish. It does say to avoid oily fish. Any hints on
suitable cheap fish types that might be available in Australia?

miskairal wrote:
Hi all,

Does anyone have some hints on home made fish foods or a link to same?

I live 2 1/2 hours drive from the neares petshop that sells marine stuff
and it's becoming a drag plus I only have 5 fish and don't get through a
great deal of food but want it to remain fresher (even the frozen
stuff). I also want to give them a more varied diet and less flake food.
My pyjama cardinals will only eat the frozen brine shrimp so I'd really
like to find them more variety.

There is a van I've seen visit here once a week that sells seafoods. Not
sure what as I'm not a seafood fan but I assume there would be prawns,
fish, lobsters and stuff. What should I be looking for? Can I make up a
mix of some things and freeze it myself or could that be unsafe?

Thanks for any advice.