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Ian Smith
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On Sat, 4 Sep 2004 00:37:34 -0600, Andy wrote:

Or am I completely on crack here? My hypothesis was that a bigger
yeast/sugar mix could be used, used more efficiently, and could increase the
time between yeast mixings... high pressure without the CO2 tank refills.

I don't really understand the intention - it seems to combine all teh
equipment and paraphanalia of a gas cylinder fed system, with all teh
aggro and slopping around of a home-brewing system, but without the
reliability of teh gas cylinder system.

If you want to do fewer CO2 tank refils, buy a bigger tank - I went to
a welding supplies shop and got a cylinder that lasts my 5'x2'x2' tank
a little over a year between refills. It's also very, very cheap in
that quantity - probably cheaper than the sugar you'll be feeding the
yeast. The only downside is the cylinder is too bulky to go inside
the tank stand and not very pretty, so I put it in teh room adjacent
to teh room teh tank's in and ran teh feed pipe through a little hole
in teh wall.

Also, I've never bothered with a shut-off valve for teh CO2 - it
runs 24 hours a day and neither fish nor plants have ever objected

regards, Ian SMith
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