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Put the fish in a hospital tank.
Dont feed for 5 days and the feed him cooked frozen peas poped out of their
skin and chopped. Peas act as a laxetive as it is not indigestable by fish.
If he still isnt better, 1/8 teaspoon of epsom salts (not NaCl!!) disolved
in 5 gallons of water can help. remember that Epsom salts causes the fish to
purge out feces and ammonia, so keep an eye on the ammonia level.
Hope that helps

And remember.....SOAK FLAKE AND PELETS BEFORE FEEDING FISH...if you dont,
the hard pellet expands in the fish and it results in the fish unable to
"Magpieally" wrote in message

I have got an orando that looks healthy. but when it is swimming and it
stops. It floats to the top of the tank. I have been told this is a swim
bladder problem and that this is because of surface eating. I have changed
the food to a none floating food. but the fish seams to be getting worse
it is know floating on its side, but when swimming looks all ok. How do I
course the problem and am I correct in thinking that it is ok to keep the
fish in the same tank as normal?

any help will be very Appreciated .

regards magpieally.