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Tom Collins wrote:
How much more difficult is salt water to fresh?

I just bought a new 46 gal aquarium. I used to have smaller fresh
water ones (10, 20, 29, 40 gal) years back and got very good at it.
I'm tempted to try salt water this time. The guy at the pet shop
(Petco) said he would help me quite a bit on it.

Some of the things I learned so far...
I know everything is more expensive (equipment & fish).
You can only have about half the number of salt water fish as compared
to fresh in the same size aquarium.
Salt water fish are more temperamental to changes in their

Some of the things I know I can do with fresh but am uncertain about
Automatic feeder if I'm going to be gone a few days.
Plecostomus' work very well at keeping the algae down.
Which fish will coexist with what fish.

I'm looking for something I can just sit and relax and watch with the
minimum of effort.

You know, that doesn't fit my experiences with SW tanks. Although once
you finally sit back the results can be astoundingly beautiful.

I found that marine took a lot more work than FW. You have to plan your
water changes and make up the salt mix in advance so it can all
dissolve. Sal****er spilled on things damages them too - it gets salt
in carpets and eats wood finishes, so you have to have a pretty good
spot for your tank. I was forever tweaking my Amaracle skimmer as well
- a bit of extra food and foam, or even worse sal****er, went everywhere.

SW fish can be pickier about foods and are often fiercly territorial so
finding a tank of fish that gets along is hit or miss. If one fish
dies, introducing a newcomer to replace it can be challenging.

That said, if you do decide to take up marine, consider keeping
captive-bred fish. They have the huge benefit of being easier to keep
because they are acclimated to tank life. A depressing number of fish
are still wild-caught for the marine trade and the more people who
support breeders by buying their fish, the more incentive they have to
learn to breed other species in captivity.

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