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Hey, i've had 2 yellow labs be "murdered" in my tank too. I originally
came to this NG to find out what happened to the first, but found out it
was one of my demasoni's picking on him. I bought a larger one to
repalce him, but the second one died, leaving just hte larger one. So
far he's been ok. He's about a 1/2" larger than the others. All the labs
were larger than the demasonis. THis week he killed yet another fish.
I'm not sure what to do about this agressive fish. In any case, the
yellow labs are on the less agressive side, and having a larger one seems
to help.

I remember that posting. Weren't you thinking of swopping out the

I swapped out the aggressive demasoni and my tank is much happier. In fact,
i'm not even sure which is the dominate. the two demasonis have the same
color. In any case, no one is picking on anyone.


Glad to hear you problem got sorted :-)

My two seem to have drawn up an imaginary line across the tank which
only gets crossed for feeding time or chasing of one of the others. In
fact we have observed one of them herding all the other fish into the
other one's half of the tank. The ragged female is making a good
recovery and starting to grow her tail back...