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"Tara Legale" wrote in message
"Reel McKoi" wrote
Your tank is lovely. The goldfish looks like a "redcap." :-)

Yes he technically is a red cap, but without much cap. I've tried
different foods and he has never developed a big cap and he is 5 years

My new problem is my pleco is having a huge feest on my Val plants. I
need thoughts on any types of plants Plecos won't eat. I'm guessing the
onions are probably safe, and so far no interest in the swords. Any
experience with this? I really want to keep live plants.

I can't help you there as my plecos don't eat the plants, just the algae and
a pellet or two. They also rasp on the driftwood. I have the regular pleco
and the small clown pleco. What have you been feeding the pleco before you
put the plants in the tank? Is he now unwilling to eat what he ate before?
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