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Default freshwater plants question

"Tara Legale" wrote in message
"Don Freeman" wrote
Sigh... And we were doing so well for awhile.

I've never done anything to you people. Its just that someone in
particular likes to cyberstalk people like me from group to group.

Yes, his name is Roy Hauer. He also uses the nyms Roy or Tristan. He also
impersonates other posters, myself included, to post smut and xxx-rated
garbage to trash these groups. Hard as it is, try to ignore him. He will
try to say whatever he thinks will hurt you the most and do you the most
harm. He's sadistic and cruel, a true sociopath.

Obviously someone
with way too much attention on their hands, and obviously someone with no
clue about the person they are harassing. I killfiled that "Roy" (and
other names) jerk long ago, I only saw this because people replied to his
posts. Really, pick better people to reply to then that stalker.

If EVERYONE on these groups would ignore these trolls they might go away.
But they post an occasional sensible post and people reply as thought they
were a sensible normal person........ sigh,..... so the troll stays. Once
they know they're in everyone's killfile they usually look for better
trolling fields.
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