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[email protected] September 30th 16 02:07 AM

Guppies food.
Hi Guys,
I just bought some Guppies but i forgot the fish food. So i wonder what i can feed them for the time being, but i am going to buy the fish food. Right now this week i am really busy so i don't think i will be able to get a packet of fish food. Please give me some answers, I need them desperately.

Thanks Ben

P.S. My email is

Lolana September 30th 16 03:56 AM

Guppies food.
Yes, i can give you some answers,
you could try giving it some bread or lettuce as
one of my friend has told me to get.

From Lolana

Samual September 30th 16 04:03 AM

Guppies food.
Hi Ben, Lolana and more,
i have a brilliant sugestion you could use
maybe you could use meal worms, worms, algae
and more it's pretty simple to get those things if you have a garden


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