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[email protected] August 24th 04 03:28 PM

Help! I'm being eaten alive!!
start doing water changes. add a bit of salt.
what are your water parameters?
have you actually seen him chewing on the tail? otherwise it might be fin rot due to
poor water quality.
some people have training their GF to leave other GF alone with a chopstick chasing
them away when they bother another GF.
if there is a big size difference, this could be a problem only solved by moving
smallest one.

"Gemma" wrote:

Right before I start......I don't know the proper sexes of my fish, so I'm just referring to them as him and her!

I have 2 goldfish. A Shubunkin called Hercules and a Sarasa Comet called Saffron. I've had them for about 4 months, and they're blooming marvellous. Except Hercules has taken a liking to Saffron's tail. In the sense that he's eaten part of it off. When I had the fish, Saffron's tail was partly missing, and over the last few weeks, Hercules just nibbles and pecks on it throughout the day. I can't separate them, and I can't really stop him from doing it either. I'm a bit worried now in case he moves onto the other one. Will Saffron still be able to swim properly with no tail? Should I punish Hercules and send him under his arch in punishment? Am I not feeding them enough? And the worst thing is, Saffron actually allows Herc to do it, she'll swim invitingly in front of him, encouraging him to do it, then makes him chase her around and around.

I've found a picture of a Sarasa Comet on the internet, and I've edited the image slightly to show you what kind damage has been done to poor Saffy's tail. It's not a perfect representation of what it looks like, but I'm hoping you'll get the idea.

Hope someone out there can suggest something.

Thanks in advance.

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