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frethcen93 January 8th 09 08:10 PM

I am thinking of starting my own ecosphere business and i was wondering where a good place to sell them is.

Also if your interested in one email me list what kind you want and what you want in it and I will send you an estimated price. See the list below for options.

Blue Legged Hermit Crab. Around the size of a dime.
Live Rock
Anemone Crab
Emerald Crab
Turbo Snail
Coral This adds a lot to the cost like 20-50 $
Fish are not recommended but if you want one ask.
And if you want anything else I will add it if it doesn't harm the EcoSphere

Ghost Shrimp
Fiddler Crab
RedClaw Crab
Algae eating fish
Small fish like guppies ect.
And any other thing that you want to add that won't hurt the ecosphere.

Land Will be added later.

Small simple ones would be like 30-40 $ so the coral adds a lot because its expensive and such.

An ecoshere is a self sustainable ecosystem. So no need to feed or clean. They make a nice desk decoration. They are peaceful and fun to watch.

I am not selling yet but you may send emails of what you want and I will tell you the price.
Heres a pic sal****er with 2 crabs and live rock. Some coral started to grow also.
Its very hard to see anything sry.

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