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Beery March 20th 09 01:05 AM

UV Filter for Koi Pond
I have a koi pond that has installed a holder for a UV light. I have
created a diagram of the system as well as taken some photos. You can
find them he

Click on the 2009_03_08 folder to get to the content. The first
picture is a diagram that shows the components and the flow. At the
top of the diagram is the UV filter unit depicted (pictu
Currently there's no UV light unit installed, but I wonder if it's
possible to get some directions on what type of model I need.

I appreciate any help.


kellvinsmiith April 22nd 11 10:10 PM

UV Filter is really good choice for your pond. Its make clean your pond water from bacteria also and other small worms. So its keeps healthy your pond fishes.

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