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[email protected] April 30th 08 09:46 PM

How many plants do I need in my pond?
Here are some basic guidelines for the number of plants to use in
common sizes of ponds. In a 4'x6' pond use 1 lily, 5-8 bog plants, 3
floaters, 24 submerged plants. A 6'x11' to 11'x11' pond use 2 lilies,
9-13 bog plants, 6 floaters, 44 submerged plants. For 11'x11' to
14'x16' ponds use 3 lilies, 10-15 bogs, 8 floaters, 90 submerged
plants. A 16'x10' to 16'x21' pond uses 5 lilies, 13-18 bog plants, 12
floaters, 160 submerged plants. 21'x21' to 26'x 26' 7 lilies, 20-28
bog plants, 15 floaters, 200 submerged plants. There are even more
plant tips on the plants page of Richdeer3 Pond Supplies.
Does anyone have suggestion on how many plants to use in a veggie
filter? Any ideas on nontraditional plants to use in or around a pond?

philipjack February 8th 11 09:11 PM

You have given some great ideas about plants that need in pond. You have such a great knowledge about it. It may be useful for me as well as others.

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