View Full Version : WTB- Sal****er Aquarium Setup-Dallas, Texas

November 5th 03, 06:06 PM
Prefer local buy in Dallas/ DFW Texas .
Looking to get into sal****er tanks again. Prefer complete setup,
tank,stand,hood,wet/dry filter,pumps, etc... Prefer something 75 gallon or
above. Nice stand and hood. Livestock is optional depending on what it is.
Email me with price,age,brand,location,description and pictures. I have had
many sal****er tanks in the past so price accordingly. Unfortunately for
the seller the depreciated worst than used cars. Last tank I sold was a 150
gallon complete setup with very nice hood and stand, wet dry, protein
skimmer, custom lights, etc... Best I got for it was $375 after months of
being for sale. So after saying that if your looking to get a ton of money
or even what you put into it then I wont be interested.


August 21st 05, 06:17 PM
All -
We have a family member who has become incapciated and need to adopt out his pets. Two sal****er aquariums with a variety of fish and eels need adopting. Need someone to take entire setup, or just the fish.

agent smith
August 21st 05, 09:30 PM
i sent you an email. i take it youre located in dallas? if so, id like to
come pick these up. let me know, thanks!

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