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September 17th 03, 04:19 AM
Raise amphipods, or scuds, easily for your freshwater fish! These animals
require no special care and are easier to maintain than daphnias. The amphipods
we supply are shrimp-like crustaceans that measure up to three times the size
of Daphnia magna, too. Great for a 30-gallon tank. Cultures contain water and
growth nutrients. Your order also includes simple instructions for freshwater
amphipod culturing.

#FF140 150 Scuds ... US$5.69 / 300 Scuds ...US$9.20 / 1000 Scuds...US$21.00

Check out web for scuds and other foods. From Jones Biomedicals. Fish food
section: http://jonesbiomed.cjb.net/fshfd.htm

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